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Trophy Awarded Grade
Oh, It's On!
Kill 10 enemies with any combination of classes in online games
August 1, 2009
8:48:10 PM EDT
The Cake Is Not A Lie
Complete The Legend of the Fat Princess
August 1, 2009
9:44:53 PM EDT
Ring Sting
Heal, Burn, Curse and Freese 6 characters all the same time in a single online game
August 5, 2009
9:11:01 PM EDT
Got Wood?
Deliver 15 resources of wood or metal to the team's stockpile in online games
October 9, 2009
10:28:58 PM EDT
Half The Calories Eat Twice As Much
Feed the Princess 1500 calories of food in a single online game
October 9, 2009
10:33:01 PM EDT
Who's Your Daddy?
Kill 6 enemies within 1 second in an online game
October 10, 2009
10:07:32 AM EDT
Kill 88 enemies in a single online game without dying
October 10, 2009
10:07:38 AM EDT
Father McHealy
Heal teammates for a total of 500 hearts in online games
October 10, 2009
4:54:37 PM EDT
This Is Caketown!
Block 100 projectiles with your shield in online games
October 10, 2009
5:11:59 PM EDT
I Need A Hammer...
Build 30 Castle upgrades or Siege Weapons in online games
October 10, 2009
5:29:40 PM EDT
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