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Playstation 3 Trophies

 Bronze: 59  Silver: 13  Gold: 2  Platinum: 1
Trophy Awarded Grade
2 Guys, 1 Coop
Complete a Co-Op mission with just 2 people
February 19, 2011
9:00:28 AM EST
A Savage Soul *
Complete "At Home with Dutch"
January 23, 2011
6:22:05 PM EST
All's Right With The World *
Complete "On a Pale Hose"
March 14, 2011
7:05:31 PM EDT
Austin Overpowered
Complete Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single Player
January 21, 2011
5:42:46 AM EST
Axe Master
Complete all Tomahawk challenges in Single Player
January 27, 2011
8:32:24 PM EST
Bearly Legal
Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears
January 22, 2011
9:58:59 AM EST
Buckin' Awesome
Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred
January 22, 2011
10:27:12 AM EST
Complete a Co-Op mission without dying
February 13, 2011
5:32:13 PM EST
Get 250 headshots in any game mode
January 22, 2011
5:13:47 AM EST
Clemency Pays
Capture a bounty alive
January 16, 2011
7:05:38 PM EST
Dastardly *
Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train
January 19, 2011
10:37:14 PM EST
Dodge This
Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any Advanced Co-Op mission
March 13, 2011
7:05:19 PM EST
Double Bagger
Double capture 3 times in a single Gold Rush map
March 20, 2011
12:22:41 PM EDT
Evil Spirits
Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player
January 21, 2011
8:53:26 AM EST
Exquisite Taste
Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith
January 20, 2011
11:07:48 AM EST
Fightin' Around The World
Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player
February 20, 2011
9:10:57 PM EST
Friends In High Places
Use a pardon letter with more than $5000 bounty in Single Player
March 26, 2011
11:27:13 PM EDT
Friends Indeed
Complete a Co-Op mission without anyone dying
February 13, 2011
5:44:59 PM EST
Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge
January 22, 2011
10:40:23 AM EST
Go Team!
Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public matches
March 25, 2011
9:24:25 PM EDT
Gold Medal
Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player
January 21, 2011
9:08:39 AM EST
Good Call
In a single Multiplayer Liar's Dice game, successfully make a spot-on call
March 20, 2011
11:14:06 AM EDT
Hail Mary
Get a kill greater than 35 yards with a Tomahawk
April 15, 2011
1:00:33 AM EDT
Have Gun Will Travel
Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session
March 20, 2011
8:37:23 AM EDT
Have Posse, Will Travel
Complete all Co-Op missions
February 13, 2011
6:06:37 PM EST
He Cleans Up Well
Obtain the Elegant Suit
January 19, 2011
7:32:24 PM EST
Kill 5 players via headshot in a single Shootout or Gang Shootout
March 23, 2011
10:00:45 PM EDT
Heading South On A White Bronco *
Evade the US Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-Bred horse in Single Player
March 26, 2011
10:38:30 PM EDT
High Roller
Win over 2000 chips in a hand of Poker
January 21, 2011
8:10:24 AM EST
Hit The Trail
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session
March 25, 2011
6:35:37 AM EDT
How The West Was Won
Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience
July 4, 2011
12:51:06 AM EDT
In A Hail Of Bullets
Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode
March 18, 2011
11:08:30 PM EDT
Instinto Asesino
Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player
January 21, 2011
8:29:52 AM EST
Into The Sunset *
Complete "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed"
January 30, 2011
12:32:35 AM EST
Judge A Man By The... *
Complete "Cure For Most of What Ails You" and "Get Back in that Hole, Partner" Survivor Missions
February 25, 2011
9:51:17 PM EST
Land Of Opportunity *
Complete "The Assault on Fort Mercer"
January 21, 2011
5:14:37 AM EST
Legend Of The West
You've become a true legend of the west!
July 4, 2011
12:51:07 AM EDT
Reach level 50 and pass into Legend
July 4, 2011
12:53:06 AM EDT
Long Arm Of Marston
Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode
January 21, 2011
9:43:32 PM EST
Man Of Honor / Chivalry's Dead
Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank
January 24, 2011
7:47:46 PM EST
Manifest Destiny *
Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player
January 22, 2011
11:01:18 PM EST
Master Exploder
Complete the Explosive Rifle Single Player Challenge
April 10, 2011
8:30:13 AM EDT
More Than A Fistful
Earn $10,000 in Single Player
January 22, 2011
11:08:32 AM EST
Most Wanted
Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session
March 20, 2011
1:20:11 PM EDT
Mowing Them Down
Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode
March 20, 2011
9:50:44 PM EDT
No Dice
Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die
January 19, 2011
8:27:33 PM EST
No More Fancy Words *
Complete "An Appointed Time"
January 22, 2011
9:34:24 AM EST
Nurture Or Nature? *
Complete "Remember My Family"
February 20, 2011
8:47:09 PM EST
On The Trail Of De Vaca
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player
January 23, 2011
8:26:08 AM EST
People Are Still Strange
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers
January 23, 2011
7:56:04 AM EST
Posse Up!
Create a posse and get the maximum number of members
March 20, 2011
11:02:15 PM EDT
Put The Posse On A Pedestal
Attain over 50,000 posse points in a single Free Roam session
March 20, 2011
11:33:02 PM EDT
Red Dead Rockstar
Kill a Rockstar or someone with this Trophy in a public multiplayer match
February 6, 2011
12:12:53 PM EST
Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Comletion stat
April 11, 2011
10:07:11 PM EDT
Six Years In The Making *
Find and kill a sasquatch
February 24, 2011
9:15:40 PM EST
Slow On The Draw
Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session
April 12, 2011
9:04:02 PM EDT
Sons Of Mexico *
Complete "The Gates of El Presidio"
January 22, 2011
8:48:11 AM EST
Spinning Plates
Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare
April 10, 2011
6:13:18 AM EDT
Spurred To Victory *
Complete 20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post
January 28, 2011
5:57:53 PM EST
Stake A Claim
Gold medal any Co-Op mission
February 13, 2011
4:47:31 PM EST
Stick And Move
Get 3 kills with knives or throwing knives in a single competitive match
June 12, 2011
1:35:11 AM EDT
Strange Things Are Afoot
Complete a task for a stranger
January 16, 2011
7:16:37 PM EST
Struck Gold
Gold medal all Co-Op missions
February 13, 2011
6:06:45 PM EST
That Government Boy *
Complete "Exodus in America"
January 14, 2011
3:25:08 PM EST
The Benefits Of Civilization *
Complete 'And the Truth Will Set You Free'
January 27, 2011
8:00:16 PM EST
The Downward Spiral *
Complete "Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA" Survivor Mission
February 24, 2011
9:03:46 PM EST
The Gunslinger
Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode
January 20, 2011
8:29:33 PM EST
The Mother Lode
Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions
March 24, 2011
11:05:05 PM EDT
The Quick And Everybody Else...
Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches
March 20, 2011
12:39:26 PM EDT
The Superior Dance *
Complete "Mother Superior Blues" Survivor Mission
March 14, 2011
6:43:30 PM EDT
Unnatural Selection
Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode
February 20, 2011
9:21:52 PM EST
Well Done
Complete a Co-Op mission
February 13, 2011
4:47:23 PM EST
What About Hand Grenades?
Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes
January 21, 2011
9:28:46 PM EST
Who Needs Deadeye?
Kill 3 or more players in a standoff or showdown
March 20, 2011
12:26:27 PM EDT
You Rule!
Complete all Advanced Co-Op missions
March 24, 2011
11:05:13 PM EDT
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